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From : Boris Paleev 2:5020/113 Thu 3 Aug 95 08:39

To : All

Subj : Military history



* Forwarded by Boris Paleev (2:5020/113)

* Area : R50.SYSOP (R50.SYSOP)

* From : Basil Dolmatov, 2:5020/50.40 (Tue Aug 01 1995 23:09)

* To : All

* Subj : Military history



* Forwarded by Basil Dolmatov (2:5020/50.40)

* Area : ##.BASIL (Personal Mail)

* From : Robert Adams, 1:2201/38.1 (26 Jul 95 04:52)

* To : Basil Dolmatov

* Subj : Military history


* Originally to 2:50/0

Dear Basil:

As the Moderator of the MILHISTORY (Military History) echo I am always

looking to expand its horizons. We warmly welcome Russian systems to

carry it, and to encourage their users' involvement. As you well know,

history is a matter of perspective, and the echo would most definitely

prosper through enhanced diversity.

MILHISTORY is currently on the Zone 1 and 5 backbones and carried by a

few systems in Australia. Please circulate this message freely.

Robert Adams






This forum is dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and discussion

of anything related to or associated with military history, events,

tactic, munitions and armaments (including civilian applications and

co-developments), law of land warfare, and any related activities and

global issues that may be reflect upon or have ramifications on or

about this general topic. No topic limits will be set but the Moderator

reserves the right to declare a topic banned if it is viewed as counter-

productive to the echo or it's participants as a whole.


1) Discussions may be initiated by any participant. Any participant may

take part in any discussion, 'private threads' are counterproductive.

Relevance must be obvious, or clearly stated by the participant upon

request of the Moderator(s).

2) No topic limits will be set, but the Moderator reserves the right to

declare a topic banned if it is viewed as counterproductive either to

the conference in particular, or to it's participants as a whole.

3) While discussion and debate are encouraged, flaming (e.g. excessive

verbal abuse) of any participant of this conference forum by another

is prohibited. (Do it by Netmail - no witnesses)

4) From time to time, the Moderator may declare any topic "Temporarily

Closed" due to excessively annoying posting on that topic. The Moder-

ator will advise when a topic is closed and when it is again open.

5) Vulgar language are expressly prohibited. This is a public access

conference carried by System Operators who may not have the time to

screen posts for language and utterances offensive to their users.

6) Topics of a volatile nature are on topic but should be dealt with

maturely. Political correctness is strongly _discouraged_ as it

typically impedes discussion and creates confusion and animosity.

Discussion and debate are encouraged, but do not expect that anyone

will alter their opinion of a topic regardless of however logical

you believe your argument to be.

7) The official language of MILHISTORY is English. The use of any other

language is prohibited _unless_ accompanied by a translation in full.

8) Without exception, participants are required to use their real names

only. "Handles" and "Aliases" are expressly prohibited.

9) BBS and Commercial advertisements, solicitation of unlawful or illegal

activities, or to use this conference for same is prohibited.

10) Header and message text may _not_ employ ASCII 17, 20 and 27 or any

ASCII code higher than 127.

11) Taglines (except for quotes), Tearlines and Origin lines may not ex-

ceed one text line each. Signature boxes are prohibited.

12) The Rules, and Moderator rulings, shall not be discussed within the

conference. Any question, suggestion, or comment should be addressed

via Netmail to the Moderator(s).

13) The Moderator may also be a participant here. "Moderator" messages

will be signed with the full name, title, and Fidonet address of the

Moderator. All other messages by the Moderator are simply posts.

14) I_am_the_Moderator_and_you_are_not! If a participant violates a rule,

advise them to acquaint themselves with the rules, if you feel that

such is necessary - and, then, LET IT DROP! I appreciate your help,

but I can and *will* handle rules violations. The fewer parties in a

dispute, the easier it is for me to resolve.

15) The Moderator is empowered to enforce these echo rules and to resolve

any and all disputes that may arise on the echo. The failure or refusal

of any participant to honor the conference rules, or to honor any de-

cision of the Moderator in a dispute is cause for immediate expulsion.


16) On the first offense, a participant will receive public warning (in

this conference). On second same offense, the participant will be

advised of the violation by Netmail addressed to the participant at

their origin BBS, and to their System Operator, will be advised that a

problem exists. Upon the next offense, the participant's access will

be terminated by a request to the System Operator of their origin BBS

in accordance with standard FIDO procedures.


17) The Moderator will moderate the conference. The Moderator may appoint

or solicit a Co-moderator who is empowered to moderate the echo in the

Moderator's absence. The Moderator will appoint its own successor. The

Moderator will keep current the Fidonet responsibilities that allow the

conference to maintain backbone status, and make these Rules available

to whoever may request copies. The Moderator will insure that the ELIST

password is held by some easily accessible and trusted person in the

unlikely event the Moderator simply vanishes.

Robert Adams, Moderator 1:2201/38@fidonet.org radams@cs.wmich.edu

David Kirschbaum, Co-Moderator 1:3634/2.4@fidonet.org kirschd@hq.ljl.com

* "Bother," said Pooh as he adjusted Tigger's head on the trophy wall.

-+- D'Bridge/FastEcho с/GoldED с/USR 28.8k Data/FAX

+ Origin: The Infallible Point (radams@cs.wmich.edu) (1:2201/38.1)


Hello All!

Cheers, Basil (The Edifying Cat)

=== GoldED/2 2.42.G0214

+ Origin: Edifying Cat's Nest (2:5020/50.40)


Hello All!

Best regards, Boris

--- Ручка шариковая, цена 2.50.A0715+

* Origin: из-под дpевней стены ослепительный чиж (2:5020/113)

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